08 February 2011

a Shimmering Star's 100th Post

I started my first blog in January 2004. It was a public blog on Xanga which I soon transfered to a private blog on LiveJournal.

In 2006 I created a Shimmering Star with the intent to post tutorials, reviews and social commentary. Although I have neglected my blog on several occasions, last year I decided to focus on a Shimmering Star. This decision has given me focus in my day-to-day choices, and I believe it will help me advance my goals.

My first 100 posts have been varied. As I read other blogs I change my blogging outlook. I want to bring my readers more tutorials, thrifty and Etsy finds, reviews, d.i.y. and commentary. As my blog grows I will open my blog to sponsors and guest posts. I will be adding giveaways. And in another 100 posts I will review how I achieved my goals for a Shimmering Star.

Here are a few of my favorite posts over the past five years.

A Misty Interlude
Etsy Finds: Air Plants
Imported from Detroit Commercial
Wordless Wednesday: Wishful Thinking
Writer's Block

Auld Lane Syne
Breakfast: 12 Grain Toast and Wild Raspberries
Breakfast: Eggs in the Basket
Dimondale Holiday Craft Show 2010
Stellar Pink Dogwood
Summer is Here
Sun Tea


Book Review: Quarterlife Crisis
A Groovy Thrift Find
Stash Buster: Skinny Scarf

Distracted at Panera
In the Lane of Fire
On Taxes
Public Cell Phone Use
Recycling Old Cards
Returning Merchandise to the Store

I like my music underground
Gender Roles and Inequality
Reflections at Island Park
Switched to Mac; Can't Change Back

Thank you for supporting a Shimmering Star.

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