23 October 2006

I like my music underground

Do you like your music underground? Tired of overused rhythms and boring lyrics? I am. Radio stations seem bent on overplaying popular songs. I'm tired of the Top Ten being force-fed into my ears. Give me indie, or give me silence!

Indie is a counter-culture present since the 1980s. Bands named indie, or independent, are usually unsigned or not produced by a major label. Though some radio stations play indie music, it's typically spread by word of mouth. Indie blurs genres; it isn't easily defined, although many sub-genres exist.

Indie music has perks--amazing concerts. Tickets prices are reasonable. Smaller venues have atmosphere; the band's are relaxed, and the crowds are personal.

So if you're impatient with empty words and regurgitated rhythms, be independant. I like my music underground. Do you?

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