30 August 2011

Pew Bow Tutorial

After I saw the price of tulle bows ($7.99 for one bow!), I decided to buy tulle and make them myself.

I made two sizes: large bows to hang on the church pews and small bows to attach to a tulle garland. I based my project on the Pew Bows and a Bow Tutorial from Jill Rule & Co.

This project requires a ruler, corkboard (or thick foam), pins and tulle. I recommend T pins; sewing pins bend too easily.

I placed two pins 15 inches (7 inches for the smaller bows) apart. Then I wrapped the tulle around the pins approximately 10 times. 

I cut a piece of tulle about 5 inches long. I wrapped it around the loops and tied a knot.

After I tied the knot, I pulled the loops into fluffy bows. 

The bows were an easy project that only took a couple hours. I recommend this project to the indie and/or frugal bride.

If you liked these tulle pew bows, you will also like the DIY Pom Poms on Once Wed's site.

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