{About Me}

"Life feels like it is shifting into the present; my "somedays" are now, and I am learning to enjoy the moment."

"Oh, 'ello!" I'm Jessica. Welcome to a Shimmering Star!

I'm a Michigan native writing my world. I write prose poetry, short stories, short short stories, and vignettes. You can get to know me in Thirty Word Description and Identity: Online Persona.

I'm creative, introspective, geeky and bohemian. I choose to live my life with wonder; I believe in Christ, daydreams, and fairy tales. I am embarking on my thirties and loving it.

I design handcrafted accessories, d├ęcor, and jewelry that I sell at With Eyes Lifted. I also sell thrifted supplies and vintage finds at Silverblayze Supplies and Vintage.

I married my best friend on 24 September, 2011.

Thank you for visiting my blog!


P.S. I tweet as EyesLifted. Follow me!