20 January 2014

Blog Swap: Craft From Your Stash Hoopla Dreamcatchers

It’s time for another blog swap! Wondra (Wondra's World) and I spend Wednesday nights crafting and chatting over Skype. Sometimes there’s more chatting than crafting, but it’s always epic. A couple of weeks ago we realized that we hadn’t swapped blogs in almost a year! To remedy this, we’re sharing craft from your stash tutorials. 

Hoopla Dreamcatchers:

Hello from South Wales! It's Wondra from Wondra's World again and I've stopped by to share a fun stash busting project.

It's easy to turn this:

into this:

What you need:

embroidery hoop
hemp, leather cord, embroidery floss

What to do:

  1. Separate the hoops and wrap them in hemp or leather cord.
  2. With the first hoop, wrap embroidery floss or hemp cord loosely around the outside of the hoop.
  3. Now start weaving.
  4. Add beads when you get to the center and tie it off to finish.
  5. With the second hoop, tie lengths of hemp or embroidery floss (or feathers or whatever) around the center and bead it up.
  6. Tie the hoops together and you're done.

This was my first attempt at making a dream catcher. It's a little bit lopsided but I think it turned out alright.

If you're going to do this yourself, I'd suggest you use different sized hoops and just tie them together loosely. It's a fun project but can be time consuming so give yourself an hour or so.

Thank you for the tutorial Wondra! 

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