24 February 2013

Loved the Stars

The above image can be found on countless boards on sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr. It fits a Shimmering Star's aesthetic, so I shared it last year.

Yesterday, I could not remember the exact words of the quote so like a good library employee I googled the terms "loved the stars" and "Galileo." Imagine my surprise when I found out that Galileo never said it.

The lines are from Sarah Williams' poem, "The Old Astronomer:"

Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

If I learned one thing from the many papers I wrote in college, citing sources is important. The internet breeds myths, and we need to make sure we do our part to keep it as accurate as possible.


  1. Yeah... I remember seeing this as a tattoo and had to laugh at all of the comments telling the woman that she had it all wrong. Can you imagine being stuck with an incorrectly cited quote on your body forever? Lol. I suppose it's the thought that counts. (Still a good quote btw.)

    1. Yikes. That would be awful. She could have it reworked depending on the design, but still.

    2. This isn't the right pin because it doesn't have all the sarcy comments but I think it's the right picture: http://pinterest.com/pin/107030928614602644/

    3. It looks nice even if it's inaccurate. I wonder if she's gotten it fixed.

  2. I love this! What a beautiful reminder!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration today!


    1. Karianne,

      I am glad you liked it. I love being inspired by beautiful words.

      Thank you for your visit.