25 February 2013

Vintage Find: Geometric Scarf

I enjoy searching for treasures. So when I found a $1.99 vintage scarf at St. Vincent de Paul, I thought it was a bargain.

Brand: Echo
Made in Japan
100% Silk
The scarf features gray and yellow geometric lines, and it is in excellent condition.

At the checkout, the cashier looked at the scarf. "Is that all you are getting?"

"Yes." I tried to hand her my debit card.

"It's yours."

I wasn't sure I understood her. "Excuse me?"

She indicted the door. "It's yours. Have a nice day."

I thanked her several times before I left.

In the car, I reviewed what had just happened. I am fairly certain she did not want to run the card because of merchant charges. I felt blessed by the cashier's gift, but I knew that I could not accept it. While I do not have a lot of money, I live comfortably. I found some change and went back into the store to put it in the donation jar.

And I will do it again the next time I visit.

St. Vincent de Paul seeks to end poverty through systemic change. Donations provide direct assistant to the local community; they provide aid for those who cannot afford bills such as funeral expenses, job training, and rent. Many Jackson residents struggle with basic needs, and St. Vincent de Paul does its best to serve them.

It is wonderful to snag a deal, but shopping at thrift shops has a greater purpose: supporting the less fortunate. 

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