01 January 2014

In With the New

From my Instagram
The year 2013 was full of of adventures. I traveled to Battle Creek, Ludington, Saugatuck, and Kalamazoo. I organized my craft studio. I read 151 books. I spent many Wednesday nights crafting and philosophizing with Wondra of Wondra's World. And the 10 days Wondra came home were EPIC!

But 2013 had its share of difficulties. My last blog post is dated September 18th. When a family member became ill, Matt and I had to take on unforeseen responsibilities. Life stopped. We spent several weeks driving back and forth to the hospital. We didn't know how bad her illness was (or if she'd be able to live on her own afterwards). But as she healed the visits because less filled with uncertainty and fear.

The wonderful news is that after a few weeks away she is home and doing great. After the responsibility and stress, I took time for myself.

The time was well-spent; I feel relaxed and focused. And what better time to return to a Shimmering Star than the beginning of a new year?

I look forward to 2014.

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