25 May 2010

Stellar Pink Dogwood

Over the weekend my mom and I went to The Flower Garden to find her belated Mother's Day gift. She really wanted a Weeping Mulberry to replace a Maple that was hit by lightening last year. Although the nursery didn't have any mulberries in stock, we found an agreeable substitute.

The Stellar Pink Dogwood blooms in April-May and gets 15-30 feet tall and wide. As you can tell from the picture, the flowers are small and pink-tinged. We managed to get the tree home in my Buick with a little effort (and a few surprised yelps when my mom discovered a caterpillar in one of the tree's branches).


  1. Bet I'm allergic to that too. :(

  2. Wondra, that is probably a true statement. ;)