31 December 2010

Auld Lang Syne

As you may recall, I am not much for new year's resolutions. Four year later, the everyday resolutions of awareness, openness, healthy living, organization and creativity still mean a lot to me. I want to be challenged every day to make a positive change. Like most people, I get bogged down by the mundane.

I appreciate the symbolism, the hope of better times, of a new year.  In no particular order, the past year and a few possibilities for 2011.

A look back:
I was sick with sinus/allergies/colds for over two months.
Applied to many jobs. Had a few interviews.
Visited Rochester for the first time since I moved home.
I saw the fireworks over Lansing from the top of a secluded hill.
Had a great time with friends.
Had a perfect day at the beach with Matt.
Started blogging, again.
Made sun tea.
Picked wild raspberries.
Visited family in Ludington.
Listened to some good tunes.
Witnessed two sets of friends marry.
I got a haircut.
Started a garden (late).
Dimondale Holiday Craft Show.
Applied to graduate schools.
Started dealing with health, depression.
I read 34 new books (plus reread several others).

A look forward:
Search for a new job.
Build a website.
Graduate school (I hope!).
Picnic with my thrifted picnic basket.
Eat local.
Go to concerts.
Family and friends.
Blog, write. Finish my novella.
Submit short stories. Get published.
Turning thirty (August 28th).
Old Town Underground Artist Market.
Take pictures.
Get fit.
My youngest sister is getting married; I'm a bridesmaid.
Live my life with wonder.

Happy New Year!

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