27 June 2010

Breakfast: 12 Grain Toast and Wild Raspberries

I am obsessed with Aunt Millie's 12 grain bread. It makes the best toast, crisp and flavorful, especially with a hint of real butter.

I always eat my toast with cheese and a fruit such as an apple or tomato or a veggie like red or yellow bell pepper. Yesterday I had a chance to eat a local (from the yard) alternative.

You may remember my early spring post about the d.i.y. Fiber Nest Filler. I hung the nesting material under a bird house. Several years ago I found strange thorns which I assumed to be wild roses growing under the bird house whilst weeding. After several attempts of removing the flowering briar, my mother and I made a discovery: the "weed" was raspberry!

The raspberries are definitely wild, probably carried by a wayward bird from the woods behind our house. I've been eagerly watching and waiting for the raspberries to ripen.

My "bountiful" harvest was only about a half cup of fruit, but I should have more to pick in the next few days.

Being wild raspberries, the fruit was a bit seedy; however; the fruit is low in calories and high in fiber and vitamin C. And it was sweet and delicious with my toast. 

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