01 February 2011

A Misty Interlude

Many blog writers feature their feline helpers so I would like to introduce my cat Misty. 

I am Misty's third owner. I do not know much about her past, She is a little too paranoid for it to be entirely normal. 

Misty has seal point coloring. She is beautiful and knows it. When she is not chilling on her back she crosses her front paws like a princess. Misty is a vocal cat; she lets me know what she wants via meows, chirps and purring. She snorts when she is frustrated. People tell me if they did not know better they would think she was talking.

Misty insists on helping me write and craft, so I am sure she will be featured again.


  1. She is beautiful!

    You mention a cat and instantly I think of Butter. I've got lots of warm fuzzy memories of Butter :)

  2. Cassie--Not only is Misty beautiful, she makes a great pillow. ;)

    We all miss Butter. He was a unique cat, indeed. I was blessed to have him for over 18 years!

  3. I miss Butter too. :( But Misty is very pretty. :)