04 May 2012

School of Seven Bells Concert

Matt and I went to see School of Seven Bells and Exitmusic at the Magic Stick in Detroit on Monday.

We decided to go to the concert on a whim. We had only been listening to the School of Seven Bells for a short time, but it looked like a good show.

After some technical difficulties printing the tickets we arrived expecting opening band Exitmusic to be halfway through their set. But the show had not started, and we had the opportunity have a hoegaarden on the patio overlooking Woodward Ave.

Did you know that in 1909 Woodward Ave. was the first mile of road to be paved with concrete (between Six and Seven Mile)? I love Michigan!

It is nice to have a good opening band. The female lead's (Aleska Palladino of Boardwalk Empire fame) voice and drums suspended over the meditative guitar and keyboard.

Although the band focused on the songs more than interacting with the crowd their music made up for it.

Exitmusic's The Sea is a free download on Last.Fm.

School of Seven Bells cryptic name comes from a mythical South American pickpocket training academy. For a shoegaze band, they are high energy.

We stood so close to the stage I could hear Alejandra (Ally) Deheza's (vocals, bass) jewelry jingle between songs. Matt said he heard Benjamin Curtis (guitar, electronics) pick against the guitar strings.

The band's complex vocals and lyrics are nothing short of art. It is like hearing a waking dream. It is no surprise that when Amoeba Music took Ally and Ben shopping for What's in My Bag? they bought Twin Peaks.

Alejandra Deheza

Benjamin Curtis

The band had a connection to the crowd. Near the end of the concert Ben told us that it had been a long tour, and we had made it "f***ing worth it".

Here is a video of School of Seven Bells performing "The Night" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

****I am sorry for the poor image quality; the photos did not turn out as well as Crystal Castles or Cut Copy. I recently updated my phone, and the new camera app does not work as well as the old one.****

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