11 July 2011

Cut Copy Concert

In March Matt and I saw Crystal Castles at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI. Last Saturday we returned to Royal Oak to see Cut Copy.

I would like to note that opening band Delicate Steve was a pleasant surprise. Before the concert Matt and I had discussed how opening bands are often disappointing. Delicate Steve's rich guitars and drums somehow combined dance, celtic and tribal music. The crowd could not keep their eyes off of the band's standing drummer.

Cut Copy is for those of use born in the eighties: we were too young to go to concerts but we have an affinity for the music. Cut Copy's synthpop sound draws upon the beats of bands such as Daft Punk as well as New Order and Kraftwerk.

The band played songs such as Lights and Music, Hearts and Fire, So Haunted and Far Away as well as songs off of their newest album, Zonoscope.

Although I wish they would have played more of album Bright Like Neon Love (my favorite song is "Time Stands Still"), the lead singer Dan Whitford's "Drama Geek" flair made up for the oversight.


As you can tell from the video, the crowd favorite was Lights and Music.

After the concert Matt and I walked the streets of Royal Oak. All in all it was a wonderful night.

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