18 March 2011

Crystal Castles Concert

Last Sunday Matt and I saw Crystal Castles at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI. Downtown Royal Oak has a relaxed feel; it is a hipster's dream with artsy boutiques, thrift shops, restaurants and lofts. 

Royal Oak Music Theatre Marquee

Built in the late 1920s, the venue is completely renovated. The original seating has been removed. 

We stood next to the rail of the first tier. It was nice to have a great view of the stage for a change; I am short-statured so the tallest person in the crowd usually stands in front of me. I wish I had stood farther from the stairs because I was jostled by people dancing while others pushed their way up and down the stairs. 

Theater security was strict. They sent people back to the car with cameras and confiscated glow sticks through the opening band's (Teenage Fantasy) performance. I was too distracted by security to listen to the band.

Crystal Castles was intense. The lights flashed with an energy matched by the electronic music. 

Alice Glass, Crystal Castles

Singer Alice Glass gave an amazing performance despite her broken ankle. She used her crutch as a dance prop as she sang and drank Jim Beam. A bodyguard held her aloft as the crowd surged to dance around her.

It was a good crowd. We danced with greater fervor as we recognized each song. It was like a wild video game dance party.

The video below was uploaded by someone who went to the same concert. It is an accurate portrayal of the evening.

I love the single "Not in Love" featuring Robert Smith of The Cure. It is off of Crystal Castles second self-titled album. The video below is another example of the band's sound.

Overall, it was a great concert. I would love to go back to the venue to see more bands.

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