14 January 2011

Thrifty Finds: Eaton Community Hospice Thrift Shop

In my "New Yarn for the New Year" post, I mentioned I went thrift shopping. I have been waiting for a day off to check out the Eaton County Hospice Thrift Shop in Charlotte, MI. Drew from Twisted Stitches had mentioned it has a large craft supplies section.

I probably should have postponed the trip because of the snow. The roads were terrible. I saw one car had skidded down a ravine backwards. But I was pointed in the right direction and I did not want to turn around, so I kept going. I am glad I did.

I love doilies. I would like to crochet a doily one day. Meanwhile, I will be content to find heirloom crochet at thrift shops for $.75 (white) and $.25 (mustard).

I was super excited to find these hand-tatted earrings. What a treasure! I don't like gold, but tatting is a lost art. I could not believe they were priced $.25!

Even though I haven't learned how to crochet doilies, I like to pick up vintage thread for chance I might try it on whimsy.

I am love with these brass buttons. I plan to use them for bracelet closures.

Here is another craft I have been meaning to try. I had a weaving kit when I was a kid, but I don't know where it went. This kit did not come with the loops, but I am sure a craft store carries them. Or I might take some tights or nylons and make the loops myself. Another $.25 find!

I plan to make rugs with these sheets. The plum sheet on the bottom is king-sized!

I do not have plans for this vintage fabric yet, but I couldn't resist a red, white and blue theme.

I did not take pictures of a couple things: some jewel-toned felt, some more fabric and a vintage wool coat. The coat is currently in quarantine because it may have some moth damage. I am not sure what to do with it because there are two tiny holes on the back shoulder. Also, I bought two sweaters and some books at Goodwill.

I recommend the hospice thrift shop. All of the items were well-priced and all of the proceeds go toward running the hospice.