11 January 2011

New Yarn for the New Year

I risked the snowy roads to go thrifting and yarn shopping in Charlotte. The treasures I found (and the slippery trip) will be covered in another post. This post is to drool over yarn.

Since I was already on the road, I stopped in Yarn Garden to splurge on yummy yarn. The new year is a good excuse to make yourself something (for a change).

I bought Punta Yarns "Montoya Beach Marled", Berroco "Ultra Alpaca Fine" and Cascade Yarns "Eco Duo". I think I'll knit a kerchief with the Ultra Alpaca Fine. A cowl (or hat) would be divine in the Eco Duo. I'm open to suggestions for the Montoya Beach Marled; it's 100 percent linen.

The poor photo quality is due to using my phone in dim lighting. I cannot wait to blog about my thrifty finds!

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