09 October 2011

In Sickness and In Health

You may have noticed I have not blogged in several days. Matt and I got food poisoning in Indiana. It was terrible; our only comfort was we did not have the worst of it at the same time.

We were in no condition to drive. Our hotel room was already booked for the next night, so they moved us across the hall. I am not sure how we managed to relocate. 

In the evening we forced ourselves to get supplies. Powerade, water and crackers were sure choices, with soup and rice for when we could handle it. I think the fresh air helped us too.

Although we were sore, tired and weak yesterday, we drove home. I almost shed a tear of happiness when I saw the "Welcome to Pure Michigan" sign. Familiar surroundings are important when you are sick; I am glad I had my help mate through it all.

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