14 January 2013

My New Favorite Pen

When you are a writer you must choose your materials carefully. Your notebook has to be the right dimensions, and your pen has to all for the quick transfer of your ideas to the page.

As a left-handed writer, I need a pen that writes smoothly yet dries quickly. Gel pens tend to smear, and do not let me write small enough. Most ball point pens tend to have cheap construction, the ink fades in and out, and they do not seem to last as long as they should.

I have finally found my perfect pen: the Zebra F-301.

image via Zebra

Meijer carries the 2-pack of Zebra F-301 pens for around $3.50. The Zebra F-301 fine point (.07) is perfect for my small handwriting, and the ink does not smear. The pen is made out of steel, so it is practically indestructible. And best of all it is refillable!

Now I need to find the perfect notebook.

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