20 January 2011

Goals 2011

I believe in everyday resolutions. In my post Auld Lang Syne, I listed memories of last year as well as what I would like this year to hold. The parallels between that list and this one should be apparent.

Goals 2011
*Find a job which better suits me. Ideally, this will be a set schedule (8-5 M-F) but it does not have to be traditional.

*Finish my novella before my 30th birthday (28 August 2011).

*Learn watercolours.

*Apply to graduate schools. I would like to return to graduate studies in the fall.

*Treat With Eyes Lifted like a business. This means ordering business cards and marketing my shop. It also mean making new pieces.

*Budget my time and money.

*Craft from my stash.

*Create a website. I have not had a website since 2005. My new website will be a landing page for my portfolio and résumé (for freelancing), bio, shop and blog.

*Send out birthday and anniversary cards for family and friends. I manage to do this for almost two years, but I fell out of the habit when I moved. I need to get on this because my youngest sister's birthday is next Monday.

*Purchase a DSLR camera. 

*Get fit. I do not want to be a size 2. I just want to tone.

*Take care of myself. This is related to getting fit, but it is much more. I want to live a life in balance. I do not want to be anxious.

*Eat food with as few ingredients as possible. This means eating out less, which will mean I spend less money.

*Wear clothes I like rather than what is convenient for work. Which means I need to get on the alternative job front. 

A fine line exists between resolution and goal. Goals direct the decisions we make, the life we lead. I want to live a life defined by my choices. Now that my goals are public, I will hold myself accountable. I will update when I cross something off my list.

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  1. Balance is important. One of my big goals for this year is to find some kind of balance. My problem is that I don't make enough time for ME which I'm determined to change.

    I certainly need to get fit as well. I find that I never have enough time for working out and just eat what's quick - probably the same problems you're having. Unfortunately, I don't pull it off as well. ;)