06 March 2012

Banana Nut Bread

I had every intention to take a nap yesterday. Misty and I were laying on the couch when I was hit by the mood to make banana nut bread.

I chose this banana bread recipe from Simply Recipes because I had most of the ingredients. The recipe called for three or four ripe bananas. I only had two bananas, so I decided to improvise.

I knew that without the extra bananas the bread would be on the dry side. I would have used applesauce to add moisture but I did not have any so I used the reduced sugar option and added approximately 1/4 cup of honey. The result was lightly sweet that paired well with the bananas.

The recipe did not call for walnuts, but you cannot have banana nut bread without them. I was afraid they would dry out the bread, so I put the chopped walnuts on the top. This gave the nuts a slightly toasted taste.

Ever the dutiful husband, Matt loved the bread so much he ate three pieces! Overall I found this to be a good base recipe because it gives you room for alterations.

Banana Nut Bread + Coffee = A Lovely Breakfast!

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