15 November 2011

Thrifty Finds: Garnet Beads

Last week I spent my lunch at a consignment store. My crafty senses started tingling. At the jewelry counter I saw an 18" garnet necklace. As I examined the necklace I got excited at the $6 price sticker.

A strand of garnet beads can cost $5 and up. Over all the necklace featured 788 4mm, 56 5mm and 28 diamond shaped beads. That's 872 beads costing less than a penny each!

With a snip I deconstructed the necklace into a wealth of beads.

Tips for Bead Thrifting:

1. Look for unique beads, findings and pendants.
2. Not all beads are created equal. Choose quality jewelry.
3. Always be mindful of the price. To determine the cost per bead, divide the product price by the approximate quantity of beads.
4. Look in antique, consignment, flea markets, secondhand and thrift shops. Even retail stores can have nice beads on clearance.

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