02 February 2007

Website Review: Questionable Content

Questionable Content is a webcomic created and drawn by Jeph Jacques. QC, as the comic is known by fans, follows the lives of twenty-somethings Marten, Faye, Dora, Raven and others, such as Marten's anthropc, Pintsize. QC is set in the primarily fictitious Northampton, Massachusetts. Like Seinfeld, the comic focuses on interactions between the characters rather than plot. Although the exact time period of the comic is unknown, Questionable Content comments on today's society, with many allusions to indie music and lifestyle. Irony and sexual innuendo are also a frequent feature.

With over 800 comics to date, QC is updated Monday through Friday; Questionable Content started in 2003. In 2004, Jeph quit his day job to dedicate his time to the comic. The art has
progressed over the years as Jeph has improved his skills.

Questionable Content has won several awards, including a place in BuzzComix's 'Hall of Fame' and the 2006 Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards for Outstanding Romantic Comic. The comic is part of Dayfree Press.

Jeph's livejournal, qcjeph, includes art, sound clips, and updates about Questionable Content.

Reference: Wikipedia

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