17 March 2013

Gem and Mineral Show

Yesterday was a lovely mix of family and mother/daughter time. After an early dinner at Red Lobster with my family, my mom and I went to the 51st Annual Gem and Mineral Show hosted by the Michigan Gem and Mineral Society at the Jackson County Fairgrounds.

It was our first time at a gem and mineral show. Many of the exhibits featured unique samples from around the world. The show featured a raffles and kid-friendly activities.

We chatted with many of friendly vendors. Mom touched and picked up a bunch of samples. It made me nervous but no one reprimanded her.

At one booth two men used a cast iron pipe snap cutter to crack open geodes. Mom and I split the cost of a geode to watch them in action. They strapped the stone in with a chain. One man held the geode steady while the other pulled down on the lever.

The man with the geode held it in his hands and said, "It took over a million years for this geode to form and you are the first to look inside." Then he revealed opened his hands to reveal calcite crystals.

At another booth a man was using a machine to facet a marble. He invited my mom to come around the table to try it, but the machine was set for right-handed. He unplugged the machine, pushed it across the table, and handed her a chair.

Mom enjoyed it, but she was afraid she'd want to buy one of the expensive machines.

Mom was patient while I looked at beads. She even helped me find a few good deals.

Top to bottom: Faceted amazonite, faceted pyrite, smooth smokey quartz and quartz rondelles, tiny fluorite and chrysoprase, and Czech glass beads

I wish I had taken more pictures. At one booth we watched a man carve soapstone Inuksuk. He told us about their origins and how he'd build real ones in Canada. 

Mom and I had a lot of fun. I cannot wait until next year's show!

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  1. Sounds like fun! :) I *shudder* at your mom touching all those stones, though! ;)