31 December 2012

At Year's End 2012

Life has shifted into the present. I have a new job. I'm feeling healthier, and I am learning to enjoy the moment.

My Top 10 Memories of 2012:

1. The early spring weekend spent at John Ball Zoo with my family.
2. The day I found out I got my new job.
3. The first day of summer. My friends Angie (of Strawberry Passion) and Katie and I spent the day on the beach in Saugatuck.
4. My birthday. Angie and I returned to Saugatuck. We returned to meet up with Matt, my sisters and her (now) fiancee at Slice of Spice.
5. My one year anniversary. Matt and I spent a long weekend in Grand Rapids. We visited Art Prize and spent time with family.
6. Uncle John's Cider Mill: Angie and I spent the day eating cider and donuts, wine-tasting, and hunting for the perfect pumpkin.
7. Potter Park Zoo: Angie needed to pick up her car in Flint but we found out in the afternoon it was not ready. So we went to the zoo and hung out with the adolescent tigers.
8. Thanksgiving. The weekend before we visited family in Ludington (and survived the Flu Apocalypse). On Thanksgiving day we went to my grandma's in Lapeer.
9. Our housewarming. We inviting a small group of friends to our home.
10. Christmas. What a wonderful Christmas! Over the course of the week we visited family in Homer and Eaton Rapids, and then we had the rest of the family come to our house. Staggered in between was my niece, brother and Matt's birthdays as well as several tv show marathons.

It was hard to choose just 10 memories. For example, I really enjoyed the guest blog swap with Wondra (of Wondra's World). And there were more occasions shared with my family and friends that I will cherish as well.

I cannot wait to see what the new year brings.

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