22 July 2012

Blueberry Picking

Matt and I went to Ludington last weekend. Since Angie (Strawbrry Passion) and I did not find time to pick strawberries before the season's end, I was excited when my sister Cait suggested we go blueberry picking.

In true Michigan fashion the weather changed from overcast to sunny, hot, and humid while we walked from the barn to the fields.

Michigan's fruit seasons were strained by the false summer in March, but the blueberries are doing very well this year.

When blueberry picking, it is recommended that you tie your bucket to your waist so that you can use both of your hands. I was determined to fill my bucket, so I used a rad tie that matched my shirt.

My niece helped us pick a few blueberries but she quickly grew hot and bored.

I was a little worried about traveling across the state with the blueberries, but they made the trip just fine. I froze 11 cups of blueberries (minus the ones that made it to my stomach. I am going to dry the rest tomorrow).

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