07 May 2012

What I Wore Yesterday

My typical work clothes are jeans, a tank top, a tee shirt, and a long sleeve shirt or hoodie. In the winter I add another pair of socks and a jacket. My coworkers think I am slightly crazy, but I hate being cold.

Since I had the day off yesterday I took the opportunity to explore my wardrobe. I opted for a dress because the weather was supposed to be 75 degrees (it wasn't that warm; it is Michigan).

(shirt: Isaac Mizrahi for Target, thrifted; dress: Mudd, Kohls; belt: H&M; shoes: Lower East End, Payless; necklace: Avon, vintage)

To keep warm, I sipped peppermint tea in the Boston Harbour Tea mug my mom bought me in Boston.

After Matt took the pictures he asked if I was going to take pictures of him.

What is a wife to do? Of course I said yes!

My husband is so handsome!

Even though it was chilly, it was nice to wear something different.

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