10 May 2012

The Best of News

If you follow me on twitter or know me personally you may have heard the news: I got a new job! I will be working with computers at my local library.

I have been working my college job for almost nine years. Matt was such a godsend through it all. I have been grateful to have a job through the recession and down economy. I have gotten a lot of experience in customer service and leadership--skills that helped me get my new job.  I thought about keeping my current job for security, but with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (With Honors) (try saying that three times fast!) my new job is better aligned with my schooling, and I need to focus on new things.

I am so excited! God has truly blessed me!

Now I need buy new clothes so I can dress like a librarian. 


  1. The time I spent working at a library has been the best since I started working. I loved everything about it there. Congratulations!

    1. I love my job! I cannot believe I get paid to be surround by books and help people use computers.