13 March 2012


The past year has been full of amazing changes. Matt was hired into a good company. We got engaged and married. We bought our first house. And in less than a week I am transferring stores. I will be doing the same job, but it will be parttime. This change is bittersweet.

Currently I drive almost two hours a day. I do not have a set schedule, so I am rarely home at the same time as Matt. Despite the drive and lack of time to myself, the introvert in me would prefer to stay where I am. I am afraid to let go of my finances. Although I did not prosper, my fulltime job in retail helped me through the recession. But I have too many miles on my lease, and I need to work closer to home.

Retail has a certain constant unsettledness. You truly depend on your coworkers, and I will have to relearn who I can rely on. Yet with less driving and fewer hours at work I will be home more. I can cook meals. I can apply to graduate schools. I can garden. I can explore the creative ideas swirling in my mind. I can devote more time to my passions: DIY and writing. I may even "find myself" in the process.

I am grateful for the opportunity.

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