14 February 2012

Granny Square Stool Cover

Four-and-a-half years of storage was not kind to my desk. The constant damp caused the particle board to warp and mold, and I had no choice but to throw it away. This means that I do not have a desk until I can afford to buy a new one. 

Luckily I have a laptop. I was setting the computer on the side table when I was not using it, but then I remembered my stool. 

I have had this wooden stool for probably fifteen years. It is the perfect level for sitting in my papasan chair and typing. I have seen cute crochet and knit stool covers on Pinterest, so I decided to crochet a cover for my stool.


The yarn was reclaimed from thrifted sweaters. I used my knowledge of circular crochet and granny squares to crochet the cover.

It's a very crafty and thrifty solution!

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