21 July 2011

Midwest Heat Wave

With the heat index pushing 110 degrees in some parts of the midwest United States, over 27 states have issued heat warnings. Local organizations have formed emergency cooling stations to help those in need (Detroit is offering Showers in the Street). In Dangerous Heat Wave Bakes USDavid Schaper from NPR reports over 20 people have died from heat-related illnesses.

While some are worried the heat may tax the power grid, others are worried about wildfire. Our grass is so dry a spark could easily cause a flame.

My backyard

So where have I been through the heat? My house, car and work are all air-conditioned. As you may remember from my posts 10 Reasons I Love Summer and 10 (More) Reasons I Love Summer, I identify with summer. So despite the heat I have been laying in the hammock, soaking up the warmth.

I have been cautious through the heat. Our hammock is under the crab apple tree, so the temperature is (slightly) cooler. And while I would rather be at the Lake (read Lake Michigan, non-natives), I am less likely to burn in the shade. I have iced sun tea on hand, and I monitor my time outside. So while others retreat from the heat, I am embracing the heart of summer.

I blame it on Michigan winters; I cannot seem to get enough of the sun.


  1. How did we become friends again? Lol.

  2. Hi! I'm just trying to get around to checking out all of my new followers on the blog :) It has been so hot where I live in Michigan, I've been miserable! I like the milder midwest summers! I feel like it's the same as winter where I'm cooped up inside.. boo!

    With Love From Michigan