20 June 2011

Peppermint Tea

If you follow me on Twitter, you may notice I tweet about peppermint tea a lot. Peppermint tea is a caffeine-free infusion of dried peppermint (mentha piperita) leaves. It has been brewed since ancient times.

Mint tea can be served either hot or cold. Iced peppermint tea is amazing on a hot summer's day. The herb's cooling effect is said to help stomach digestion, reduce headaches and nausea, and aid in relaxation. It can be used in spa treatments such as facials and foot soaks as well.

My mom and I are experimenting with growing various mints this summer. We will dry the herb to make teas, soaps and essential oil.


  1. Mmm, I love peppermint tea so much! But, because of my issues with acid reflux I can't have it too late in the evening before I go to bed. However, if you have a good iced peppermint tea recipe, I'd love to see how you make it! Sounds just right for summertime.

  2. Kaitlyn--I am sorry to hear about the acid reflux. I have stress-related digestive issues and peppermint tea does wonders.

    I usually make enough iced peppermint tea for one but you could easily double the recipe.

    Pour boiling water over tea bag and let it seep for 5-7 minutes. Allow the tea to cool for a few minutes then pour it over ice. You can garnish it with a stem of peppermint if you want!

    It's the perfect summer drink because the mint is naturally cooling.