22 February 2011

Blogs Improve Writing Practices

As I mentioned in a Shimmering Star's 100th Post, I have blogged since early 2004. I neglected a Shimmering Star on several occasions, but I renewed posting regularly in November 2010.

I have found blogging has improved my writing practices in three ways: it has given me the focus, discipline and clarity necessary for good writing.

I have varied interests, so I sometimes lack focus. I look forward to blogging, and I spend my day reflecting on potential topics.

I love writing, but I feel like I do not have enough time to pursue it. Keeping a blog requires discipline, and I have learned to schedule writing time. This practice is useful as I write my first novel.

As an introvert, I prefer to be alone with my thoughts. Still, I like sharing my thoughts with others. My blog helps me communicate my likes and dislikes as well as define my view of the world

How has blogging improved your writing?

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