11 December 2010

A life filled with wonder

This is an unedited list of life goals I originally posted in a private blog in April 2006. This list is relevant because if I do not focus on my goals, they will not happen. 

* i want to be published.
* i want to travel.
* i want to sell handcrafted items.
* i want to live in great britain.
* i want to make a difference.
* i want to get my master's.
* i want a life of balance.
* i want to live with compassion.
* i want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
* i want to learn how to tumble.
* i want to live passionately.
* i want to live my own life without worrying about what others think.
* i want a continued reverence for God and all of his creation.
* i want to be involved, even if it's on the sidelines.
* i want to be well-read, especially in my areas of interest.
* i want to always have a creative aspect in my life.
* i do not want to obsess about money. i want to live comfortably, but not beyond my means.
* i want to marry the right man, but i do not want to be paranoid about the decision. i want to give my heart to him. i want to love him with the understanding that he is human, just as i. i want to remember that the bad times come with the good. i want to do this with the understanding he feels the same way. i want to grow old with him.
* if i have children, i want them to have an informed view of the world. i want them to be well-read and encouraged in their areas of interest. i do not want them to be spoiled; they will be disciplined and learn the meaning of no.

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