27 July 2008

Thoughts on Etsy Showcase

As I previously posted, I bought an Etsy Showcase to display my items for twenty-four hours.

With Eyes Lifted is not a supply shop per se. My shop mostly has jewelry and accessories at the moment, but I do carry supplies. I felt my supplies had a nice selection, the best pictures and a decent price range. Therefore, I chose to showcase my supplies. 

I did not have a single sale. One person favorited an item, but no one favorited my shop. It did generate some traffic, but only minimal. But I would, and will, do it again. It did not do much this time, but I believe combine showcasing with other avenues of advertisement will help With Eyes Lifted become a success. I can try buying space on other blogs such as IndieFixx (and perhaps sell space on my own), buy ad space in magazines such as VenusZine, Bust and Craft/Make and utilize flickr.  I think I may try showcasing each month in a different category as funds allow. Perhaps even every other month.  

So yes, I believe showcasing is worth the time and money; I just need to work hard and believe my shop is worth it.

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  1. Huh. Well, that's kind of put me off advertising on etsy. But then...Maybe it's just the time of year? Everyone's off on holiday and all...Thanks for the links to the other advertisments though.