23 January 2007

Website Review: Digg.com

Social bookmarking website Digg.com launched in December 2004. Since then, technology enthusiasts have "dugg" science, world and entertainment news.

Digg gives registered users editorial control. "Diggers" submit stories, pictures, and videos to be reviewed by other diggers. Users "digg" a story if they like it (resulting in the icon changing to "dugg").

Stories with enough diggs are promoted to the front page. Stories reported as inaccurate, repeat, or spam enough times are "undugg". Users also comment on and discuss the stories.

The launch of the website has seen the rise of "digg effect", webpage bandwidth overload caused by Digg traffic. While sites are redirected through DuggMirror, a third-party website, to counter the effects, some Digg users are looking for alternatives.

Digg also includes features Digg Labs and Digg Spy, which allow the user to see stories in real time in Stack or Swarm view.

Diggnation, Digg's video podcast, reviews the top diggs of the week. Hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht share stories with viewers. They also share a new beer, recommended by podcast viewers.

Diggnation episodes are filmed on Thursday. The podcast is available for Revision3 members on Saturdays. The video is released to the everyone else on the next Tuesday. In August 2006, Diggnation won the 2006 Podcast Award for best technology podcast.

The podcast can be downloaded through iTunes or at Revision3.

Reference: Wikipedia

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