21 July 2013

Sweet Lavender Dreams

A few weeks ago I harvested a basketful of lavender. My mom dried it for me in her dehydrator. Now, I am picking the fragrant blossoms off of the stalk. It's slow work, but rewarding. My fingers smell of lavender and sweet dreams.

It's a peaceful meditation.


  1. Have you ever tried drying things in silica gel? When my parents used to sell hand made flower arrangements we grew our own flowers and then would buy huge amounts of silica gel and dry them. Was always fun to see how they would turn out! Lucky you with the lavender, such an amazing smell!

    1. Nicole,

      This is the largest batch of lavender I've dried (and it's only enough buds to fill a small jam jar!). I'll have to look into silica gel; I plan to harvest more lavender next year! The scent is truly heavenly.

      Hope all is well.


  2. I love home grown lavender and I love this picture! :)