22 December 2012

Guest Post by Wondra

Today's blog post comes from Wondra of Wondra's World.

Doomsayers believed the Mayan Calender predicted yesterday would be the end of the world. And while the Earth is still here it makes one wonder how we should react in light of an apocalypse.

The Apocalypse: Will it end with a bang or a whimper?
Wondra of Wondra's World
I read an article this week that said there have been a hundred dire warnings, predicting the apocalypse, since Y2K. A hundred. In twelve years we have survived A HUNDRED apocalypses!

That's a few more than Buffy, isn't it?

Some sociologist somewhere is studying these predictions, no doubt, trying to figure out why people make them and why so many others believe them. Until that secret is revealed, I think we're just going to have to brace ourselves for a few more wacky doomsday prophecies.

I don't know why people make these wild claims or why we are so quick to latch on to them but I know that, if they ever DO get it right, it's probably not going to end in explosions and flames but with a weary sigh of relief.

Being a witch means being in touch with Mother Earth. Sometimes that's harder than others. There's nothing quite like standing barefoot on the beach, listening to the gulls call, feeling the pull of the wind and the waves, knowing that you are part of a wondrous, miraculous thing.

The good times.

The bad?

Watching a news reel showing another hundred acres of rain forest disappear under the wheels of mankind. Hearing that another species of whale, frog, dolphin, bird, etc. has disappeared, lost to us forever. Knowing that the polar ice caps are melting away, bit by bit, every year.

Sometimes being a witch means crying your eyes out for reasons no one else understands.

As a daughter of Mother Earth, I feel Her pain. And what about the men and women who make money off this dear planet of ours? Do they feel Her pain? Maybe they do.

Apparently money helps mask the pain.

But the money won't last forever, will it? One day, maybe tomorrow, maybe seven thousand years from now, someone is going to get it right and we're going to reach the end.

How do I feel about that?

Personally, I think that humans are the worst thing that ever happened to this planet. I think that Mother Earth can only take so much pain before She strikes back. One day, She'll heal herself - and that means taking us out of the equation. Will there be flames? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it'll be as simple as a soft exhale of breath... And then nothing.

And then everything.

A new heartbeat, the flutter of wings, a sigh of wind... Life begins again. Whether the apocalypse finally arrives with a bang - or with a whimper - it'll be without us.

Maybe THAT'S what all these predictions are about! Maybe they aren't just the rantings of lunatics... Maybe they're a call to action, a warning from Mother Earth to get our shit together - while we still have a chance.

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