01 October 2012

Book Challenge Completed

I mentioned that I had a dilemma to my book reading challenge. It's appropriate that I reached my book reading goal during Banned Books Week.

Here are the books that count towards my goal.

Goal Completed (10/01/12)

1: The Treasure Is the Rose
12: Crazy Love 
14: Fish! 
16: Gateway 
21: The Frenzy 
26: Messenger 
36: Pegasus 
37: Quiet 
38: Divergent 
39: Delirium 
44: Beastly 
50: Seafaring Lore and Legend  

How many books do you think I will finish this year?


  1. I want to know more about 34 and 49!

    Also, you have read some awesome books this year.

    1. The blog book is slightly dated but it has some good prompt ideas. I enjoyed he book about Robin McKinley, but it is a very literary approach to her works. It made me miss college. ;)

      It is awesome to be reading again. I feel like I have to catch up. :)

    2. If you miss college TOO much, I've got a couple of essays you can work on!! ;)