18 June 2012

Radiohead Concert

Last week Matt and I saw Radiohead perform at the Palace of Auburn Hills, home of the Detroit Pistons. It was the band's first performance in Michigan in 15 years, and the concert was epic.

We were late because we took a longer route to avoid construction and traffic. We missed the opener, Caribou. In fact, we made it to the concert a mere ten minutes before Radiohead came on.

The wall behind the stage was like a giant high-def screensaver. TV screens hung from the ceiling and traveled through the air with a montage of live video from the stage.

Our seats were high above the stage, and it felt like we were watching a video on a big screen TV.

With eight albums, two compilation albums, and seven EPs, we knew the band had a difficult choice of which songs to play for us. Although Radiohead continues to evolve their music sounds cohesive. 

YouTube is full of videos from the concert; here is a nice recording of Pyramid Song:

"Pyramid Song" by Radiohead, The Palace 06/11/12; via Scholtzable

Hopefully Radiohead return to Michigan soon!

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