17 May 2012

Corey Marie's Watercolor Techniques

Although I do not consider myself an artist, if I was one I am sure I would choose watercolors. The moment that the paint touches the paper is pure magic. A couple of years ago I bought Water Paper Paint: Exploring Creativity with Watercolor and Mixed Media with plans to learn techniques, but I have not been able to put much time into it.

When I visited my friend Corey Marie's website yesterday I found that she recently posted a watercolor tutorial, 12 DIY Watercolor Techniques for art journals. Not only does her tutorial explain how to use common household items to create watercolor effects, it also features unique pictures of the techniques.

image by Corey Marie

Corey Marie and I went high school together. We were both in band (don't forget we were a big deal in our small town), and she produced the first 'zine I encountered. Corey recently moved back to our hometown, Eaton Rapids, where she makes her living as an illustrator. She is pretty rad, and you should take the time to check out the rest of her blog and shop.

Now that I have more time I hope to explore watercolors (and perhaps enroll in a beginner's class at the Ella Sharp Museum of Art and History).


  1. Oh my goodness, you're originally from Eaton Rapids? I find that hilarious. I grew up in Holt, and I have family in E-Rap.

    1. Nice to meet you, Danica.

      I have lived all over Michigan. My family moved to Eaton Rapids when I was in middle school; I lived there off and on for 15 years. My parents still live there. :)