27 January 2012

Freezer Jam

Although it is winter in Michigan I have been in the mood to experiment with preserving.

When I was young my mother always canned. She put up quarts of pickles, relish, green beans and tomatoes. And freezer jam.

As I walked down the aisle at Meijer, I came across the Ball mason jars. With the renewed interest in canning, the section is quite impressive.

When I saw the recipe for No-Cook Strawberry Jam on the back of the Ball 8 oz. Freezer Jars only had three ingredients (strawberries, sugar and pectin), I decided to give it a try. I bought the jars, pectin and strawberries. I also bought the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving to study the art of preserving food.

Mashing Strawberries

Although I used the recipe on the packaging, the Traditional Strawberry Jam on Ball's website is similar. I used Well Pict StrawberriesFlorida Crystals Demerara Sugar and Ball Instant Pectin.

Strawberry Freezer Jam on 12 Grain Toast

The jam is sweet without being overwhelming. It would be delicious on bagels, ice cream, pancakes and yogurt.

I cannot wait until I can use fresh strawberries!

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