15 February 2011

10,000 trees: help a short documentary grow tall

I first learned of the 10,000 Trees Documentary through the Free People blog. Sarah Berkovich started the project as an assignment in her Environmental Science class. Her grandfather Victor Kaufman decided in his eighties to buy barren land in Washington; his intention was to plant 10,000 trees. With the help of friend and producer Sarah Ginsberg, Berkovich plans to film a documentary about her grandfather's remarkable efforts.

Berkovich and Ginsberg started a 10,000 Trees Documentary Kickstarter project with a goal of $5,000. With eleven days to go, they almost have reached their goal.

Kickstarter was launched as an innovative way for people to fund projects. The project must be fully funded within a certain timeframe before money exchanges hands.

You can read about the 10,000 Trees project at the 10,000 Trees Documentary blog.

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