04 December 2006

And Intolerance For All

According to BBC News, Nadia Eweida is on unpaid leave. Her employer, Heathrow Airport, will not let her wear a cross at the check-in counter. Ms. Eweida is fighting the company mandate. The most recent ruling was inconclusive, and the woman is unsure she'll get her job back.

I am unfamiliar with British religious laws, but I will try to look at this situation logically. Discrimination singles out a portion of the whole. Does an employer have the right to refuse one person's display of religious jewelry? Has Heathrow demanded other employees to take off their jewelry? Logically, if this woman cannot wear a cross necklace, then no employee should be allowed to wear jewelry, religious or otherwise. It is only fair.

Is Heathrow motivated by religious discrimination? Is the airport singling out Ms. Ewieda, Christianity or both. Or is the company attempting to be tolerant of all religions.

In society's attempts to be tolerant, religious intolerance spreads.

It's possible Heathrow Airport doesn't want to offend incoming passengers with other religious views. Or maybe the airport doesn't want to endorse a single religion? The company shouldn't worry; the cross is on Ms. Ewieda, not Heathrow Airport's counter.

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