08 November 2006

In Dreams and Reality

Where do dreams leave off and reality begin? Where's that finite point where one can can say "Here is the Real," this is no longer fantasy. As children the two worlds are intertwined, pliable and indistinct. We learn as adults to harden ourselves, to force a boundary where no boundary exists. We define what is, what isn't; we name objects to have power over them so they can't have power over us. By taming the unknown, we don't have to fear the unexplainable. But we are afraid. We're afraid of the moments which defy definition, the feelings which fog our reality. We can't see the wind. We can't contain a breeze, but we can see the effects of a gale. Humanity wants to tame what moves the leaves on the trees. We want to place boundaries, to tell it no. The reality is, the unseen, the effects of our imagination on our world remind us we are not in control. Humanity is smoke blown in all directions. Despite our best efforts, the reality is just like the weatherman can only predict the weather, we cannot foresee the future. We can fantasize about a moment, but when that moment arrives, it is not the same. Dreams and reality intertwine, and we are left to decipher the outcome.

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